Warner Bros. France, France

Christy plays a key role in the French premiere of the final installment of Harry Potter

Public event, which received the status of a world record for the largest three-dimensional projection on the Guinness World Records

On July 12, 2011 in Palais Omnisport de Bercy (POPB) in Paris, a crowd of about 8,000 filmmakers visited the French 3D premiere of “Harry Potter” and “The Deathly Hallows, Part 2” (Warner Bros). The ultimate battle between the forces of good and evil was performed by Christie and her partner.

Held for months by hordes of fans, the French premiere of the last installment of the Harry Potter saga could only be a major event for the public, but also for technical service providers who, in close collaboration with the Warner Bros. technical services. for realization of a record digital 3D-film projection.

This project was not just a challenge, but a transformation of the arena commonly used for concerts and sports competitions indoors, into a giant outdoor cinema equipped with a giant display and for the first time – 5.1 surround sound. And there was only one goal: to provide unforgettable impressions in unusual visual conditions. “Our goal was to make the audience feel that they are participating in a historic event,” said Olivier Snanuja, vice president of Warner Bros. France.

Designed for passive 3D projection and released exclusively for the Demospec Harry Potter event, the “silver screen” was brought to the venue by a special convoy in the form of a roll of 13 meters high. Then he stretched out on the ground on a metal frame, which was later installed at a distance of 89 meters from the projection booth. The final dimensions of the display were 29.79 meters in width and 12.33 meters in height.

The projection cab was built the night before the big show and controlled the place like a throne, covering about 24 square meters (8 mx 3 m). Soundproofed and equipped with 12 kilowatts of air conditioning, it housed technical specialists and protected six Christie Solaria ™ CP2230 projectors among other equipment.

Semantic movie stars for the summer of 2011, the French three-dimensional premiere of “Harry Potter” and “The Deathly Hallows”, part two, are now listed on the pages of the Guinness Book of Records. Today, screening contains a world record for the largest projection of a three-dimensional film (29.79 m × 12.33 m). “We are proud to have helped to make this world record with our range of Christie Solaria digital cinema projectors,” said Christie’s Regional Director Pascal Gervais, as the event continued.


6 x Christie CP2230