Nord Ouest Exploitation Cinémas (NOE Cinémas), France

NOE Cinemas Chooses Christie Solaria Projectors


As part of its conversion to digital technology, Nord Ouest Exploitation Cinémas (NOE Cinémas) has chosen Christie projectors for its 17 movie theatres. The conversion process will be complete in the first quarter of 2011.

The plan for going digital was developed by Richard Patry, CEO and founder of NOE Cinémas, and Alain Surmulet, the company’s Technical Director, who drafted the technical specifications for the digital conversion.

NOE Cinémas’ decision to go digital has been both a model and a strong signal about the direction of the profession to the entire community of movie theatre operators. This is due in particular to Richard Patry’s technical expertise in his role as Technical Director for the National Federation of French Cinemas (FNCF), and proof that fully digital cinema has become a technological and economic reality for the 5470 active screens in France.

“This is a rigorous set of specifications,” said the company’s CEO, Richard Patry. “Under no circumstances should the switch to digital lead to a lower quality experience for the movie-goer – quite the contrary,” added Alain Surmulet, especially in terms of the brightness of 3D feature films.

The conversion to digital, which will be completed on all of the company’s 17 screens in the first quarter of 2011, was made possible by third-party investor Ymagis.

Following a call for tenders from the major equipment suppliers, Richard Patry and Alain Surmulet decided on Christie Solaria™ (Series 2) projectors and Doremi servers

“As part of this digitisation process, Alain Surmulet and I wanted complete consistency across our range of projectors, throughout our entire chain of theatre operations, and that’s what Christie offered us. So we chose the new Tri DLP Cinema™ Christie Solaria Series 2 line of projectors, the CP2210CP2220 and CP2230. For reasons of quality and uniformity, 4K-ready CP2220s and CP2230s were installed in each of our theatres. These units meet all of our expectations in terms of reliabilit y and brightness for 3D projection, and are equipped with 1.2″ DLP Cinema™ chips,” stated Richard Patry. The equipment also had to meet requirements for easy maintenance, handover and everyday use with an easy-to-use interface suitable for NOE Cinémas staff whose roles are not limited to projectionist.

The Christie CP2220 and CP2230 are based on the 1.2″ DLP Cinema chip, the only one that can be easily upgraded to 4K technology in just 15 minutes. Smaller than other 1.2″ DLP Cinema-based projectors, the Christie CP2220 provides exceptional installation flexibility with a motorised lens option that is the fastest and most accurate available. With more light output than any mid power projector on the market, the CP2220 also offers the lowest cost of operation.
Christie’s Solaria projectors, including the CP2210CP2220 and CP2230, are fully compliant with DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives) specifications. In the first half of 2010, Christie was the first manufacturer of digital cinema projectors to achieve 100% DCI compliance.

In addition, all NOE Cinémas theatres will be equipped for 3D projection. The nod went to the Xpand active glasses system leased from the 3Delux company. “In addition to its flexibility, this system does not require installing metal-coated screens,” Alain Surmulet said.

“NOE Cinémas’ specifications are rigorous and demanding. The fact that they chose Christie confirms our belief that our Solaria Series 2 projectors meet the needs of the digital cinema market better than any other product out there”, stressed Pascal Gervais, head of Christie France. “NOE Cinémas’ choice confirms Christie’s leadership in the digital cinema market, as well as a firm 100% DCI quality commitment to both the creativity of the movie industry and the theatre operators who deliver dreams and emotion to the public.”


17 x Christie Solaria DLP Cinema projectors
(CP2210 – CP2220 – CP2230)